From the rootspersona Tools page, choose Upload GEDCOM

Each GEDCOM can be handled separately by assigning different “Batch Ids”.  The default is “1”

Choose a file and click “Upload”.

Do NOT load 10’s of thousands of records.

When the import is complete, rootspersona presents you with a list of persons.  NO pages have been created yet.


This allows you to be selective.

The “Add” button is at the bottom of the list.

Ctrl-A (Cmd-A on a Mac) will select the whole list.

If page creation times out, try selecting only a few hundred at a time.

This is what you see once the pages are added.  

Elegant, isn’t it…

Navigate to the Pages screen and you should see all the persona pages with the rootspersona Tree page as their parent.

Looking at the page, you will find the rootspersona shortcode, with the person id and the batch id defined.


You can use the shortcode to include the persona panels anywhere on your WordPress site.