Let’s do Settings…

rootspersona allows you to define who can and cannot see living persons

Living persons can be excluded, kept private, members of the site who are logged in, or public (not recommended)

You can choose to hide dates and/or locations

The top page panel can include dates or bio text

You can also choose to hide the header panel

In fact you can choose to hide any of the persona page panels

When there is no image for the “portrait”, rootspersona shows a silhouette unless you choose not too.

rootspersona also allows you to identify a different “parent” page if “rootspersona” Tree page is gone.

rootspersona pages come “pre” styled.  You can override those styls to match your theme.

The box at the bottom allows you to include an entire style section if you know CSS

rootspersona assumes it is NOT the system of record – where the “master” copy of your data is managed.

If you turn this off, extra editing features are enabled on the edit persona page.

As an advanced feature, you can defind a template to be used in place of the short codes.