Rootspersona can be a little intimidating at first, so let’s take a tour…

The “magic” begins as soon as the plugin is activated.

rootspersona automatically creates 3 pages

  • a default index page for sources (evidence)
  • a default index page for people
  • rootspersonaTree page.

the rootspersona Tree page becomes the “parent” page for all the persona pages.

In earlier versions of WordPress, pages with no parent were added to the main menu. If there were hundreds of persona pages the header became unusable.

Adding a parent page allows the user more control over menu design.

Currently, the rootspersona shortcode for the index pages is placed in a “classic” block instead of a “short code” block.

This is because the current versions of rootspersona precede Gutenberg.

Not to worry – the shortcodes still work from the classic block.

Both the Person Index and Evidence Index pages can be deleted ( they are easily recreated).

Do NOT delete the rootspersona Tree page or all heck will break loose, bringing on the apocalypse (well, one of them).