Share your Family Tree with Friends and Family with the Rootspersona Plugin

By | February 21, 2017

The “Family Historian”

After an informal family reunion in Macon, GA, I got a reputation as the “family historian”.  My cousins wanted to know what I knew, and I needed a way to share my research.

I didn’t want to recreate, just share some snippets of the tree, maybe a few family group sheets.

Since I knew WordPress was an easy way to create a blog site, I built a plugin for it – Rootspersona.

Genealogy on WordPress just got Simple

Upload a GEDCOM file, and Rootspersona will generate a page for each person, as well as an index.

Each page includes:

  • A 3 generation snippet of your Family Tree
  • A small bio panel summarizing basic facts
  • A family group sheet for that person’s family of origin
  • A family group sheet for that person’s marriages, including the children of the marriage
  • A panel displaying a standard descendency chart


Author: Edward Thompson

Grandfather, Father, Uncle, the 3.x version of Ed is grayer, stouter, and more medicated!