Thomas Roberts
b: 1600
d: 27 SEP 1673
TITLE: Lineage & Bio of GOV. THOMAS ROBERTS SOURCE: P.302 of "Colonial Era History of Dover, NH, by John Scales 
SOURCE: Mackenzie''s book "Colonial Families of the United States" Vol. 2, pages 619 
SOURCE: Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, Noyes, p.589 SUBMITTER: Transcribed by Eugene Hubbard 
The following was received by e-mail, and corrected for grammar and spelling errors. It was claimed to have been copied from p.302 of "Colonial Era History of Dover, New Hampshire" John Scales, author. 

Thomas Roberts was born in England about 1600, according to deposition. Rev. Dr. Everett S. Stackpole imparts the information he had learned on "excellent authority" that Thomas Roberts was apprenticed to a fishmonger of London, as "son of John Roberts, of Woolaston, Co. Worcester 29 April 1622, and probably came over at once, as an apprentice to Edward Hilton, and lived within a stone''s throw of Hilton''s house, on Hilton Point. He was not married at the time of coming over, but probably was married in 1627. The maiden name of his wife is not known, but there is a tradition she was sister of Edward Hilton. Further than that we know not. 

As regards his ancestry the following may be of interest and worthy of preservation in these pages. In Mackenzie''s book "Colonial Families of the United States" Vol. 2, pages 619 et seq. is given the genealogy of the Roberts family in England., and it is traced back to AD 1482, ten years before Columbus discovered his first island in the West Indies. 

Among the descendants is given Sir Thomas Roberts of Glassenbury: born AD 1560; buried 20 Feb 1627; Knighted 23 July 1603; created a baronet 3 July 1620; Sheriff of Kent, 1623 ; married Frances James, who died Feb 1648; she was daughter of Martin James Esq. of Imarden. Their children were: Sir Walter: Thomas: Frances: William, who emigrated to Maryland, and has distinguished descendants there; Elizabeth; John; Ann 

Those who have investigated the matter think there is a strong probability that the second son, Thomas , who emigrated somewhere, is the Thomas Roberts who come over and helped colonize Dover. There is no positive proof, but a strong probability, that Governor Thomas Roberts, of Hilton Point, was the second son of Sir Thomas Roberts, who was knighted in 1603, and created a baron in 1620. 

At the March, 1640 elections, Thomas Roberts was chosen Governor or President of the Country in place of Gov. John Underhill. He held that office until Dover (then Northam) came under Massachusetts rule in 1642. 

Later he held various minor town offices; he was a regular member of the church for many years, but was inclined to be liberal in his views, so when the Quaker missionaries came to Dover he favored giving them a fair hearing and opposed having the women whipped, as they were by order of the court. He died between Sept 27 1673 and June 30 1674 those being the dates of his will and its probating. 

When Mr. Roberts removed from Hilton Point to the neck he located his house on the high bank of Fore River, Dr. Quint, in his Memoranda, describes it as follows: "He located himself on Fore River, on land now (1851) forming a part of the Jerry Roberts estate; the spot is still identified. It is nearly in a direct line, east of the house now (1851) on that estate." The land had been in the continuous possession of the Roberts family to that time. 

This land is now (1923) owned by Mr. William M. Courser. The house was built in 1825; the former house was burned in 1824. This farm remained in possession of the Roberts family until near the close of the nineteenth century. It came down in regular line of decent from Thomas Jr., the younger son of Governor Thomas, their names are Thomas 2, Nathaniel 3, Moses 4, Thomas 5, James 6, Jerry Sr. 7, Jerry Jr 8, who was living in the house when Dr. Quint wrote his Historical Memoranda. 

The farm owned by the late Howard Millett Roberts''s sons, Fred and Stephen W., came down to them through uninterrupted succession from father to son, as follows: Sergt. John Roberts, eldest son of Governor Thomas (his house was near the big elm tree;) his son Joseph 3 (who had the tannery;) his son Stephen 4 (who had the tannery and kept a public house (ordinary);) his son Joseph 5; and his son Hanson 6; and his son Howard Millett Robert 7 (who was born Aug 15 1832.) 

Joseph 5 Roberts , who was born in 1747, built the house about 1780 which was known as the Hanson Roberts house during the 19th century. It bore that name because Mr. Hanson Roberts was born in it in 1793 and lived there during a long life. It is one of finest old houses in Dover and most beautifully located. Dr. Quint, in his valuable Memoranda, which he obtained from Mr. Hanson Roberts in 1851, speaks of this house and locates the dwelling as follows: "The old house stood sixty rods northeast from the southwest corner of the house" (Hanson Roberts House.) That measurement makes the spot a few rods east of the big elm. The tannery was south of the homestead. 

During many years, in early times, there was a road along the bank of the river, from the road that went from High Street down to Beck''s Slip (1640), later known as Hartford''s Ferry, to a point north of the Thomas Roberts Sr., residence, as the records say, up to the sheep pasture, and there were several houses along the road or lane as it was called. 

The oldest cemetery in Dover is in this section of Dover Neck, between the Hanson Roberts Farm and High Street. Here are the graves of all the first settlers; very few of them are marked. Gov. Roberts'' grave is in the northeast corner, and now has a slate stone, suitably inscribed, that marks the spot; just west of it is the marked grave of his grandson''s grandson. Thomas Roberts made his will, dated 27 Sept 1673. Since it was probated 30 June 1674; he probably died in 1674, as it was the custom to probate the wills soon after the death of the testator. He left a wife named Rebecca. 
From Noyes et all, Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire. p.589. 

Thomas Roberts, of DOVER, [NEW HAMPSHIRE] is said to have come with the Hiltons, which is very probable as he was a fellow member of the Fishmongers Co. of London with Edw. Hilton, both marked ''in New England'' in a list of 1641. It is presumed that he is that T. R., son of John Roberts of Woolaston, apprenticed 29 Apr 1622. In 1639-40 he was elected ''President of the Court,'' an office of agency for the Bristol Co., the proprietors of Dover, from which fact he is sometimes called ''Gov.'' although the territory under his authority was only one town. Signed the Dover Combination, 1640; gr.j. 1643, 1646, 1656. Various deeds, grants and suits Sewall''s ''History of the Quakers'' states that he rebuked his sons for their official cruelty to that sect. His name appears on Mr. Corbett''s petition of 26 Jul 1665. It appears in Dover petition dated ''Northam, 4 1 month, [1640] concerning N.H. coming under the rule of Mass. before the patentees are heard from. His name appears on the ''Dover Combination.'' He received lot #1 in the distribution of 20-acre lots laid out in 1642. He appears on the Dover tax lists of 19 Dec 1648, 8 Dec 1649, Dec, 1650. He is listed as a freeman able to vote, and having taken the oath of fidelity [no date]. He appears on the Dover tax lists between the dates of Jul 1657 and 1666. He was a member of the inquest for one Hannah Stokes 21 Sep 1674. He was listed in sham land grants surreptitiously entered into the Dover records as of 1659-60. He is listed in a document showing the distances of inhabitants to the old meeting house. [none of the afore-mentioned documents are displayed.] In 1670 he gave land to sons John (5) and Thomas (12), and in 1671 half his remaining estate to his daughter Sarah Rich. Will, 27 Sep 1673--proved 30 June 1674, giving his homestead to Richard Rich and naming him his executor, names children: John b. ab. 1628. Thomas b. ab. 1635. Hester, m. John Martyn (7). Anna m. 1st. James Philbrick (1), m. 2d William Marston (11). Elizabeth m. Benjamin Heard(2). Sarah m. Richard Rich. 

''Gene Hubbard 8th great grandson of Gov. Thomas Roberts 

John Roberts (1408- ) 
Walter Roberts (1438) 
Thomas Roberts (1494- ) 
Walter Roberts (1526-1580) 
______ Roberts 
Sir Thomas Roberts (1559-1627) 
John Roberts Thomas Roberts (1600-1673) 
  • 1600 - Birth - ; Woolaston, , Gloucestershire, England
  • AFT 27 SEP 1673 - Burial - ; Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
  • 27 SEP 1673 - Death - ; Dover, Massachusetts, British North America
Thomas Roberts
1600 - 27 SEP 1673
Family Group Sheet - Child
MThomas Roberts
Birth1600Woolaston, , Gloucestershire, England
Death27 SEP 1673Dover, Massachusetts, British North America
Marriage1627to Rebecca Hilton at Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas Roberts
Birth1600Woolaston, , Gloucestershire, England
Death27 SEP 1673 Dover, Massachusetts, British North America
Marriage1627to Rebecca Hilton at Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
PARENT (F) Rebecca Hilton
Birth1602Weamouth, Durham, England, United Kingdom
Death27 SEP 1673 Boston City, Suffolk, Massachusetts Bay, British America
Marriage1627to Thomas Roberts at Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire, United States
FJane Roberts
Birth1627Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
Death1648Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
Marriage1644to James Phillbrick at Hampton, Massachusetts Bay, British America
FAnn Roberts
BirthABT 1637
Death10 FEB 1693
MarriageBEF 1651to James Phillbrick at Hampton, Massachusetts Bay, British America
Marriage5 JUL 1678to William Marsten at Hampton, Massachusetts Bay, British America
MThomas Roberts
Birth1633Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
Death1703Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
FElizabeth Roberts
Birth1641Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
Death1701Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
FSarah Roberts
Birth1643Dover, Massachusetts Bay, British America
DeathOCT 1692Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, British North America
Descendancy Chart
Thomas Roberts b: 1600 d: 27 SEP 1673
Rebecca Hilton b: 1602 d: 27 SEP 1673
Jane Roberts b: 1627 d: 1648
James Phillbrick b: 1619 d: 16 NOV 1674
Ann Roberts b: ABT 1637 d: 10 FEB 1693
James Phillbrick b: 1619 d: 16 NOV 1674
James Phillbrick b: 13 JUL 1651 d: 14 NOV 1723
Hannah Perkins b: 24 FEB 1656 d: 23 MAY 1739
James Phillbrick b: 1679 d: 1707
Sarah Silver b: 2 OCT 1682 d: 20 OCT 1770
Rachel Phillbrick b: MAY 1704 d: OCT 1767
Ephraim Brown b: 6 AUG 1702 d: 22 FEB 1768
Elijah Brown b: 10 APR 1742
Susannah Morrill b: 24 AUG 1746 d: 22 DEC 1825
Rachel Brown b: 6 DEC 1767 d: 10 APR 1852
David Thompson b: CA 1757 d: 20 NOV 1842
Daniel Page Thompson b: ABT 1798 d: 17 OCT 1852
Susanna B Richardson b: 14 MAY 1805 d: 2 MAR 1843
Daniel Hart Thompson b: 1 JUN 1829 d: 30 JUL 1893
Abigail B Cotes b: ABT 1829 d: 9 NOV 1856
10 Charles Henry Thompson b: JUN 1851 d: 10 APR 1898
Catherine H Roberts b: ABT 1853
Sarah Jane Raymond b: JAN 1850 d: 10 DEC 1912
10 Abigail Flora Thompson b: ABT 1847
Lydia A Peterson b: FEB 1835 d: 1921
10 Mary E Thompson b: ABT 1861
Baby Thompson b: FEB 1843 d: 28 FEB 1843
Susan Richardson Thompson b: 16 MAR 1826
John Murray
Mary Baldwin Thompson b: 16 JAN 1828
John H Mason
Ruth Gould Thompson b: 14 MAY 1831
Henry Dunlap
Martha Wyman Thompson b: 10 MAR 1837 d: AFT 1854
Fannie G Richardson b: ABT 1817
Walter C Thompson b: ABT 1844
Elizabeth G Thompson d: 21 FEB 1848
Judith Thompson b: ABT 1798 d: AFT 18 JUL 1820
Levi B. Thompson b: 1806
Jacob Thompson b: ABT 1791 d: 3 OCT 1849
Jonathon Thompson b: ABT 1801 d: 26 DEC 1882
Anna Thompson b: 1782 d: 1868
Jonathan Thompson b: 1780
Betsey Thompson b: 1795 d: 1833
Judith Brown b: 29 AUG 1775 d: 7 MAR 1876
Elias Brown b: 17 JAN 1744
Moses Brown b: 23 DEC 1745
Hannah Perkins b: 24 FEB 1656 d: 23 MAY 1739
William Marsten b: MAR 1625 d: 22 JAN 1703
Thomas Roberts b: 1633 d: 1703
Elizabeth Roberts b: 1641 d: 1701
Sarah Roberts b: 1643 d: OCT 1692