Include Evidence on your Blog Site with Rootspersona

“Information without a Source is just an Allusion.” Says Who? How do I convince my family that what I believe to be true is accurate? The answer, of course, is to show them the evidence. I made sure Rootspersona would allow me to create an evidence page where I could display not only citations, but […]

Embed your Family Tree in your Blog Posts with Rootspersona Shortcodes

Bits and Pieces of my Family tree Sometimes I don’t want to build a page. ┬áSometimes I want to embed just bits of my family tree into a blog post. Rootspersona shortcodes allow me to take a single group sheet, or a small snippet of a tree and embed it in the middle of an […]

Share your Family Tree with Friends and Family with the Rootspersona Plugin

The “Family Historian” After an informal family reunion in Macon, GA, I got a reputation as the “family historian”. ┬áMy cousins wanted to know what I knew, and I needed a way to share my research. I didn’t want to recreate, just share some snippets of the tree, maybe a few family group sheets. […]