So I woke up from my 2 O’Clock meeting one day…

In 2009 my interest in programming and my interest in genealogy collided. I had just been to the wedding of my youngest cousin which ended up like more of a family reunion. I wanted to host a family tree website for my family, one where I could control all the data. I had a little experience in WordPress, but none of the products out there suited what I had envisioned: so I wrote my own. Being a fan of Open Source, I decided to make Rootspersona free – my contribution to the community

About the Developer

My name is Ed Thompson, and I have been developing software for over 25 years.

I have been doing genealogy since 1995 and was able to bring these two passions together in 2009 when I developed RootsPersona, a WordPress plugin for displaying a Family Tree on a WordPress website. Someone saw my work and thought Cemeteriat would be the perfect addition to my portfolio. (OK, they wanted something fast and cheap and thought I might be able to pull it off.)

I have two grown boys and live with my wife of 25 years in Matthews, NC. I like movies, I LOVE reading, and when I DO get away from the computer I like to visit family.

Evidentia Software

Evidentia Software was established in 2012 with our flagship product, Evidentia, evidence management software for genealogists. We brought Rootspersona and Cemeteriat under the Evidentia Software umbrella in 2014, ensuring enduring quality and continued support for both.