Welcome to the demo site for RootsPersona, the WordPress plugin for family genealogists.

With RootsPersona the family genealogist can import data from any genealogy program in the standard GEDCOM format and display that data using their theme of choice on a highly customizable WordPress website.


  • Support for Gedcom Version 5.5
  • Ability to upload more than one Gedcom file from the same source and link families together
  • Ability to select which persons from the Gedcom file to create pages for
  • As updates are made, Gedcom files can be reloaded and existing pages will be updated
  • Each page includes links to children and spouses
  • Each page displays a visual family tree that includes three generations
  • Ability to link pictures uploaded to WordPress for each person
  • Privacy features to support protection of your data!
Charles Henry Thompson
JUN 1851 - 10 APR 1898
Frank Vierling Thompson
14 JUN 1891 - 9 OCT 1967
Sarah Jane Raymond
JAN 1850 - 10 DEC 1912
Raymond Brooks Thompson
15 OCT 1909 - 30 JAN 1998
William H Brooks
MAY 1857 - 1926
Hittie Frances Brooks
26 JUL 1886 - 1 FEB 1976
Hattie Hunt Nash
10 SEP 1858 - 1905

So browse and see what RootsPersona can do for your family website!